Participation in meetings and congresses

Symposium Repro Academy

November 2023
Deurne, Holland

Emma Lorenzen

Oral presentations:

  • Recovering oocytes post-mortem
  • Summary of ART papers ISER

Demo and practical training:

  • Thawing of vitrified icsi embryos

Link to the course

OPU and ICSI in the horse

Bad Schallerbach, Austria
September 2023

Jannie Spanner: 

  • 3 day practical workshop
  • Oral lectures 
  • Practical training of OPU

Course arranged by Veticon

BEVA 2023

September 2023
Birmingham - United Kingdom

Emma Lorenzen

Oral presentations: 

  • In vitro: Oocyte maturation, fertilisation, embryo production and cryopreservation
  • Recovering oocytes post mortem

Panel discussion:

  • Advanced reproductive techniques: How far is too far?

ISER XIII - The International Symposium on Equine Reproduction

July 2023
Foz do Uguacu - Brazil
Workshop (presentation and panel discussions): Unexpected challenges in the laboratory

Jannie Spanner and Emma Lorenzen
Poster: Factors affection post-mortem production of equine ICSI blastocysts
E Lorenzen*, M Winther, A Carstensen, J Spanner

Link to the congress

Equine reproduction days: Ovum pick up

November 2022
AG Pferd
Centre Hospitalier Vétérinaire Equin de Livet, France

Jannie Spanner: 

  • Oral lectures 
  • Practical training of OPU
Schelstraete International Equine Law congress (2nd)

November 2022
Amsterdam - Holland

Jannie Spanner and Emma Lorenzen: oral presentation 
ICSI: How to contract, risks and advantages

ESER - European Practitioner Symposium on Equine Reproduction

Gent, Belgium
October 2022

Jannie Spanner and Andreas Carstensen

Sponsor and commercial booth

OPU/ICSI workshop

Hörsching, Austria
October 2022

Jannie Spanner: 

  • Oral lectures 
  • Practical training of OPU
ISEET - International symposium on Equine Embryo Transfer and Technology

July 2022
Pisa - Italy

Jannie Spanner: oral presentation
Transport of vitrified-warmed ICSI blastocysts in straws for up to 5 hours does not affect the pregnancy rate 
J Spanner*, J Pedersen, E Lorenzen

Emma Lorenzen: oral presentation
Effect of microfluidic sperm sorting on equine ICSI blastocyst rate 
E Lorenzen*, R Sanchéz, J Spanner

Holsteiner Verband: interaktive Informationsveranstaltung zum Thema moderne Reproduktionsmöglichkeiten

December 2021
Elmshorn, Germany

Jannie Spanner:
Oral presentation
Panel discussion 

2nd. Latin American Symposium on Equine Assisted Reproduction

September 2019
Guadalajara, Mexico


ESDAR - European Society for Domestic Animal Reproduction

September 2018
Cordoba, Spain​